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I've devoted most of the past 25 years to working with charities - leading charity teams and supporting consultancy clients. Together we've raised £millions and developed the most phenomenal projects. It's an amazing sector and there's nothing I'd rather be doing.  I set up Change Q Training to share what I've learned as a consultant and to provide a more practical form of training  - where you can learn, access consultancy coaching and work towards work goals. I look forward to seeing you there!  

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Change Q Training - practical learning to help you succeed 

Change Q Training is all about equipping you to deliver the very best results you can so all our programmes share the same features: 

Shares expert skills

I design and deliver each of our programmes, drawing on a solid track record of achievement and learning which spans every charity sector. I am supported by specialist guest tutors and every programme focuses on developing your specialist skills and confidence.                                                  

Offers learning in life-sized bites

We know you want learning which fits your life and work, and that you prefer to go at your own pace. So, we create learning in 1 and 2 hour, life-sized bites which you can fit around your life. We give you the option of how quickly you learn and how deeply you dive in.                               

Furthers your own work goals

One of the major draw-backs of traditional training is the difficulty of applying it to real life work, once you get back to the office. Our programmes blend learning and tasks with separate practical sessions, supported by experts - so you can master the skills and further your work goals as you go. 

Coaching with award-winning consultants

Specialist charity consultant coaching is made available to every course participant  throughout the programme. These regular group coaching sessions with your peers help you to explore opportunities, make decisions and problem-solve with confidence.

What would you like to learn?

Change Q Training leaders are experienced trainers and facilitators. We've been designing and delivering learning programmes for over 20 years, including for Charities Aid Foundation and local authorities.

How to raise £millions

We've run £multi-million fundraising programmes for MS Society, RSPCA, Christian Aid, Action for ME and TREE AID. We've helped start up CICs to quickly triple income, doubled charity's revenue income, helped mid sized charities grow to the next stage, turned around charity deficits and raised £millions for capital development projects. We've grown income using every type of fundraising, have won Gold Professional Fundraising awards and as well as leading charity teams in using our specialist strategy tools are regularly asked to speak at events.  



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How to lead people to success

Do you spend time wondering how to keep your teams motivated, especially virtual teams, how to equip them to make decisions or how to strike the balance between innovation and efficiency? Do you want to be the best leader you can be?

We use our practical leadership experience gained leading charity staff, volunteers and high net worth individuals, and combine that with academic training to give you evidence-based, practical leadership development specifically designed for the charity sector.


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How to create change

Maybe you want to change government policy. Maybe you want to change community behaviour, in the UK or overseas. Maybe you want to lead change within your own organisation, more smoothly. We've helped design and deliver ambitious change programmes, for example for mental health change and for conservation behaviour change. We've run national lobbying campaigns for the RSPCA and Christian Aid. We've studied and researched the mechanics of change and how people best learn and we've looked at what factors the best charity change makers have in common.


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We've helped hundreds of charity professionals to grow

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My Story


One way or another, my driving force has always been the desire to help those who are struggling or abused and to protect the things I care about most -  from animals to forests!

I've spent the past 30 years working in the charity sector. I've been Director of several health and international development charities, led communication agency teams running fundraising campaigns for major national charities and founded Change Q charity consultancy and training.

I've led teams who've increased RSPCA income by 400% over 6 years, raised £1m in 12 months for disadvantaged children, launched media appeals which have reached millions of people and doubled revenue income, helped the Federation of Welsh Women's Aid to formulate a strategy for ending domestic violence and helped design and raise funds for numerous social change projects, including a unique wildlife conservation programme and Open Up's disability youth orchestra, a disruptive and inspiring programme which won the Nesta/Observer Award for Social Change. 

I have an MSc in Strategy, Change and Leadership, an ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and a Gold Professional Fundraising Award. I am a mentor for the University of Bristol Business School, a Lloyds Foundation Consultant and a regular speaker at sector events.




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